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Case Study

Polo Ralph Lauren - Factory Stores
The Backstory:


Polo Ralph Lauren has more than 200 Factor Stores across the U.S. Located in rural, beach and metropolitan locations, Ralph Lauren Factory Stores are a destination for buying the iconic brand at value.

The Problem:

Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores are a hit with men and women both. However, management realized that sales of women’s clothing fell short of expectations. They decided it was time to find out why women, who were the predominant shoppers in their stores, were not buying for themselves.


Create a research methodology that will illuminate management’s understanding of female attitudes, behaviors and motivations with a focus on barriers and burdens to selfQpurchase.



  • A daily news and trends watch to uncover insights on shopping ! 17,596 eQsurveys to lapsing consumers

  • 1,149 inQstore intercepts at 36 doors

  • 280 informal inQmarket intercepts

  • 36 Focus Groups in seven markets

  • More than 1,000 hours of market and competitive observations



A 360° view of the female consumer resulting from 23,315 customer interactions across the US with more than 3.5 million data points. Actionable insights that are transforming the way the brand merchandizes and markets to women.

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